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3 ways to minimise the interference effect between your strength and endurance sessions | Research Mondays #1

June 4, 2020

'Research Mondays' has moved to Youtube, where the audio is also now available on The Athlete's Garage Podcast! 

Welcome to a new series on TAG where every Monday, I break down and summarise the research to make it easy to understand, then give practical takeaways for endurance athletes to implement into their training.

There is no doubt that S&C and endurance training are complete opposites when it comes to physiological demands and adaptations.

For that reason, when athletes undertake concurrent training, there is an interference effect. In this episode, I explain what is meant by the term 'interference effect' and 3 ways to minimise this interference effect for ultimate training and performance success.

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Trang is a Physiotherapist & Strength and Conditioning Coach for endurance athletes. She takes a holistic approach in her coaching and education to help athletes step up and achieve their greatest potential. Her vision is to help them become not only a high-achieving athlete, but also a high-achieving human.
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