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How we can run while giving life back to our planet with The Plastic Runner Karin Traeger

January 27, 2021

In episode 52, I sit down with ‘The Plastic Runner’ Karin Traeger to learn more about how we can give back to the planet while running. As an ultra-marathoner with a passion for preserving our planet, Karen founded The Plastic Runner, a group that runs plogging events (Jogging x picking up litter). Over the years, the group has run over 30 events across Australia and picked up over 1000kg of rubbish!

Professionally, Karen is a vet for wildlife, holds a Master of Environment and a scientific diver. Let’s just say she has been on some epic adventures both on land and in the sea!

In this chat, Karen talks about adding an eco- dimension to our running. She covers the true impacts of plastic waste, ways to start plogging, tips on reducing and recycling plastic waste, the connection between our food choices and the environment, running in lockdown and her 100km run at Wilson’s Prom.

Since one of the great things about running is being able to see and enjoy nature in its most raw state, this is such an eye-opening conversation about how we can easily give back while doing what we love. Whether you are new to plogging or a regular plogger, this episode is for you! Enjoy :)


0:00- Intro
5:00- Get to know Karin
16:17- How the Plastic Runner started
25:55- The true impacts of plastic waste
36:13- Tips to start plogging
41:34- How we can better reduce and recycle our plastic use
50:59- The connection between our food choices and environmental impact
1:01:43- Karen’s upcoming 100km run

Get in touch with Karen:
IG: @theplasticrunner

Get in touch with Trang:
IG: @themotionmechanic


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