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Plant-Powered Marathon Running with Nutritionist, Run and Health Coach Melissa Ensink

November 25, 2020

In this episode, I sit down to chat with Melissa Ensink aka Prana Running! Mel is a Nutritionist, Run and Health Coach, with an all-round interest in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Over the years, Mel has run 11 marathons, the latest two being during pregnancy and 10 months post-partum, so you bet she has a lot of learnings and inspirational stories to share with us!

In this conversation, Mel and I chat about her running story, managing running during- and post-pregnancy before diving into her journey as a vegan, the difference between veganism and plant-based nutrition, misconceptions about plant-based eating, healthful dietary patterns and more. 

This was such an authentic and inspirational chat, so whether you are a runner wanting to optimise your diet or improve your performance, this is for you! Enjoy :)

0:00- Intro
5:30- Mel’s running journey
20:57- Mel’s journey through pregnancy
31:17- Mel’s role as a nutritionist
38:38- Healthful dietary patterns
45:37- Vegan vs plant-based eating
57:17- How Mel transitioned into Veganism
1:05:25- Misconceptions about plant-based eating
1:14:04- Mel’s final message

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IG: @pranarunning

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