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How To Hydrate For Optimal Performance With Sports Scientist, Co-Founder and CEO of Precision Hydration Andy Blow

August 19, 2020

Hydration can be a confusing topic.

"Don't drink too much water, it will slow you down"

"You can't drink too much water, it's better to be overhydrated than dehydrated"

"If you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated"

"Overhydration can be extremely dangerous, you need to have a specific hydration plan"

All of this will be discussed in today's chat about how to hydrate for optimal performance with Sports Scientist, Co-Founder and CEO of Precision Hydration, Andy Blow.

As an elite-level triathlete back in the days, Andy experienced the effects of dehydration during his long-course racing. This eventually inspired him to specialise into sweat, hydration and cramping. Since then, Andy has been involved in hydration research, been the team Sports Scientist for the Formula 1 teams, and remains an adviser to the Porsche Human Performance Centre.

If you are an endurance athlete who wants to maximise your training, recovery and race performance through your hydration, or you simply want to learn more about hydration, then this episode is for you. Enjoy!

0:00- Get to know Andy
7:05- The evolution of hydration science
12:44- The mechanism of hydration
15:31- Electrolytes for performance
19:12- How to know when you’re dehydrated
31:20- The issues of overhydration
36:21- Measuring the sodium composition of your sweat and your sweat rate
41:52- Factors that affect dehydration
49:42- How much water can the body absorb at once
53:57- Listener Q&A

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