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How flexibility can improve your performance with Physiotherapist Jack Williams

February 27, 2021

In this episode, I sit down with Jack Williams to talk about flexibility. Jack is a Physiotherapist, S&C coach, yoga teacher and involved in teaching and research at La Trobe University, with extensive experience in helping people achieve optimal performance.

In particular, Jack has a special interest in training flexibility and has had exposure to a wide range of practices over his years. So in this conversation, Jack shares his perspective on the research as well as providing practical takeaways for you to improve your flexibility.

Whether you are a triathlete, runner or health professional, there is plenty for you to learn from in the chat. Enjoy :)

0:00- Intro
3:00 Getting to know Jack
9:57- What is flexibility?
15:58- The difference between flexibility and mobility
18:30- Are we approaching stretching the right way in 2021?
24:37- The role of stretching in a warmup
31:26- Flexibility requirements for runners
36:09- Why elite runners may be less flexible than recreational runners
43:35- Flexibility requirements for swimmers
48:20- Flexibility requirements for cycling
51:17- Does lack of flexibility cause injury?
53:23- Common mistakes that people make when stretching
1:01:05- Stretches for runners and triathletes

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