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Finding the right shoe for you with Running Footwear Specialist Steve Rosel

June 30, 2020

In this episode, I sit down with Steve Rosel to chat about running shoes. Steve is the co-owner of The Running Company Lilydale and the running group Generation Run, where he specialises in running footwear fitting and running coaching. Steve is also a very established trail runner himself!

In this chat, we talk about how to find the right shoe for you, guidelines for replacing and rotating through shoes, different types of shoes from minimalist to maximalist shoes, barefoot running, running shoe technology, and more.

For a topic that has so much information out there, this is a great place to get the accurate guidelines for running footwear by someone who has been in the industry for a decade. If you are a runner who wants to get the most out of your performance, then this episode is for you!


2:34- Get to know Steve
12:29- What does Steve look for when fitting shoes?
18:04- Finding the right shoe for you
35:50- Breaking in a new pair of shoes
38:17- How many pairs of shoes should you have?
44:54- When to replace old running shoes
48:10- Minimalist shoes
53:11- Barefoot running
56:27- Heel to toe drop
59:16- Running shoe technology
1:01:29- The Nike Air  Zoom Alphafly
1:11:12- The next step if you are looking for new shoes

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