The Athlete’s Garage

#12 Dr Lisa Lewis: ON How to Optimise Your Psychology as an Athlete

August 20, 2019

Episode 12 of The Athlete's Garage delves into Sport Psychology with Dr Lisa Lewis so that you can achieve and sustain optimal training performance. Dr Lisa is a Psychologist from Boston, Massachusetts and has extensive experience in working with athletes to achieve their goals.

In this chat, we talk in detail about the different types of motivation, perfectionism, short- and long- term strategies to reach big goals, balancing addiction, visualisations, managing post- event blues or even post- career depression and so much more. It's a huge episode, and completely relevant for every athlete, whether you're just starting out or you've been in the game for years.

2:52- Get to know Lisa
5:47- Different types of motivation
13:50- Strategies to foster motivation on harder days
17:25- Psychological characteristics that make a high-achieving athlete
18:43- Perfectionism
34:06- Visualisations
43:10- Strategies for long-term goals
48:44- Balancing Addiction
55:39- Post-event blues and post athletic career depression
1:01:06- Self-care

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