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#11 5 ways to train the gym for running power

August 4, 2019

This episode is all about practical ways you can set up your gym program to effectively support your running performance.

When you first started running, do you remember feeling overwhelmed with HOW to set up your running week? How many times should you run a week? How fast and how far should you run each time? What intervals should you do, and for what sets and reps? What the hell is a LSR, tempo run, interval run??

Now that you may have a better idea about effectively setting up your running weeks to achieve certain running goals, it is likely that you may be feeling the same for Strength and Conditioning (S&C) for running performance. How heavy should you train? What reps and sets? What exercises? Which days of the week?

This episode seeks to answer your questions, and covers 5 ways to train in the gym for better running power. This is important to distinguish because gym training will differ depending on the goal, whether it is weight loss, muscle growth, basketball performance or running performance.

2:29- 4 pillars of running performance
6:10- Find the right balance between functional and strength
9:05- Train for strength 
13:40- Train for power
15:40-Train full body (legs, upper, core, stability, mobility)
21:17- Train the compound movements first followed by accessory exercises afterwards
22:02- Master the basics

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