The Athlete’s Garage

#10 ‘Getting strong without getting bigger’ with Exercise Physiologist and Strength coach Shawn Connor

July 15, 2019

Join Trang and Shawn Connor as they sit down to chat about the role of Strength and Conditioning training to boost any type of athletic performance, particularly for endurance runners who train to run faster for longer.

Shawn is an accredited Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Coach. He is one of the owners of the gym Barbell Samurai in Deepdene, which is where Trang coaches her clients.

Episode timestamps:
2:15- Get to know Shawn
7:25- The role of strength training for performance and injury management
20:05- What is relative strength?
25:10- Strength vs endurance
27:26- Combating DOMS (Delayed onset of muscle soreness)
32:30- Plyometrics
40:41- Improving other athletic qualities
43:30- Movement patterns
48:32- Common technique mistakes for the squat
52:16- Common technique mistakes for the deadlift
55:15- Role of upper body in runners
56:33- listener Q&As

Get in touch with Shawn:
IG: barbell.samurai
FB: Barbell Samurai

Get in touch with Trang:
IG: themotionmechanic
FB: The Motion Mechanic