The Athlete’s Garage

#09 Managing common knee injuries in runners with Physiotherapist Brodie Sharpe

June 26, 2019

In this episode of The Athlete's Garage, we are joined by Physiotherapist Brodie Sharpe. Brodie practices at Back in Motion in Moonee Ponds, and also runs the Break Through Running Clinic where he does small group classes tailored to runners. Brodie is a keen runner himself, having completed the Melbourne Marathon and Half marathons around the world including Switzerland and Amsterdam.

Today we are talking about all things the knee! Brodie will touch on the knee anatomy so you all have an understanding of it before diving into the concept of overuse injuries, and all the common types of knee injuries from the front, side and back. The end of the episode will be listener Q&As which is great to actually address what you guys want to know to help each of you in your own running journeys.

Time stamps:

1:53- Get to know Brodie 
8:11- Knee anatomy
11:04- overuse vs acute injury
15:21- Calculating workload- The 10% rule and the RPE scale
20:48- Front knee pain (Patellofemoral pain)
38:00- Outside knee pain (ITB syndrome)
48:19- Back and inside knee pain
51:00- Pain referral
52:47- Listener Q&As

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