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#08 Get to know Trang & Strength and Conditioning training for endurance runners

May 23, 2019

Runners and triathletes can feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the gym and don't know where to start. There is the unknown of what exercises to do from the thousands of exercises out there, how to correctly perform the exercises and what sets and reps to do. In this episode, podcast host Trang covers the principles of strength training and how to seamlessly and effectively incorporate it into your current program. In detail, topics covered include the SAID principle, recovery, strength vs endurance, how much to do, progressive overload, session timing and exercise selection. 

In this episode, you will also get to know Trang more. She talks about her background in sport, why she chose Physiotherapy as a career, her spontaneous decision to do the Personal Training TAFE certificate, what she's currently working on and more.

Time stamps
0:21- Intro
2:32- Get to know me
15:25- The SAID (Specific adaptations to imposed demands) principle
17:35- Adaptations from running
19:21- Adaptations from strength training
21:35- Strength vs endurance
24:27- The science behind physiological adaptations
27:08- The elements of a training program
35:56- Progressive overload
41:05- Deloading
44:12- Session timing
47:56- Exercise selection

Get in touch with Trang
Facebook: The Motion Mechanic
Instagram: TheMotionMechanic
Physiotherapy: BodyMotion Physiotherapy
Strength and Conditioning Coaching: Barbell Samurai

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